We provide all services and studies for our clients to be fully aware of solar energy systems, and the steps that we will follow in the phase of installing the solar system, as follows:


Free evaluation

Our experts will provide free detailed studies to our clients, so to be fully aware of the benefit of solar energy systems in reducing the electrical consumption of their facilities.

  These studies include:

– Calculating electrical consumption for a year.

– The integrated design of the facility with the estimated annual productivity of the system.

– Engineering plans and quantities calculation.

– Duration of warranties on solar energy components.

– Commercial offer.

– Submitting a feasibility study for the system.



Our experts will design solar energy systems to provide the best product that matches the site of work and the budget invested in this project, and also conforms to the laws of the Saudi Electricity Company.



Our experts will fully supervise the implementation process with the help of technicians specialized in this field to implement the system according to the engineering plans mentioned in the design and conform to the laws of the Saudi Electricity Company.