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Solar Energy Systems Types

On-grid solar power system

On-grid systems generate energy when the electricity grid is available (electrical facilities meters) and work to reduce electrical consumption

Off-grid solar power system

Off-grid systems are completely separate from the public electricity grid. They are fully independent and self-sufficient systems that cover 100% of the energy needs throughout the day

Hybrid solar power system

Hybrid systems combine the advantages of both on-grid and off-grid systems as they allow you to store your solar energy in batteries for use when the public electricity grid is out. The hybrid solar system can be composed of solar plants to produce electricity during the daytime and at night generators are relied upon instead of batteries in the case of large loads

Solar energy system for agriculture and irrigation

Solar energy systems for agriculture and irrigation are completely independent from the public electricity grid, as it operates all types of pumps during the daytime and directly, such as submersible and surface pumps


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